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October 13, 2018

We now have a completed pilot for the second season of Sustainable Me, we are looking for investors. Drop us an email, if you like what you've seen so far.

March 26, 2017

COWS recently attended the Real Screen Summit Washington DC where we pitched our new series Amanda the Maestro. Check out the trailer in our Arts section.

March 26, 2017

Sustainable Me came back from the Cinema Verde film festival in Gainesville Florida with best Educational Award. Our own Jamie Pratt was there to receive the award.

March 26, 2017

COWS is delighted to announce that our latest series: Sustainable Me had been shortlisted for best documentary Series at the Yorkton Film Festival. One of the oldest and most respected film festivals in Canada, a laurel from Yorkton is a great honor. We are so pleased!

November 20, 2016

Exciting news! Sustainable Me has just gained its first laurel! Our episode “Food for Thought” has been chosen as an Official Selection at the WRPN.TV Global Webisode Short Film Competition. We are so honoured to receive this recognition for all the passion and effort that everyone- our amazing guests included- put into this project. May it be the first of many!

November 10, 2016

The Company of Women on the Screen is hard at work screening Sustainable Me throughout Edmonton. Visit Macewan University on the 24th of November to watch a special screening with OIKOS, their campus sustainability group! We are also developing Season 2 of Sustainable Me! Watch our Facebook page for updates. In the meantime, please check out Season 1 on our website, www.sustainablemeyeg.ca, where you can access podcasts, extended youtube clips, resources, and full episodes of Sustainable Me!

November 10, 2016

COWS is heading into development for the second season of Sustainable Me. Look for updates here.

This Christmas Bravo! will be airing The Carollers, a short film about a group of rural folk who make the rounds on Christmas to bring cheer to the homes of family and friends. Check out our Facebook page!

Company of Women on the Screen is...

Company of Women on the Screen specializes in producing Arts, Women’s, social and Environmental documentaries. With over twenty years in the Edmonton production community, COWS has produced some the best award winning productions in the province.

Independently and collaboratively producing high quality productions for Television and web distribution.
Skilled team of social media and web design professionals for online and local engagement and community building.
Marketing and distribution of COWS films to targeted audiences including film festivals, Web based platforms and community screenings.
Demonstrated ability for engaging talent and crew, overseeing productions from inception to completion and smoothly liaising with broadcasters and clientele.
Experienced in applying for Canadian content Numbers, E&O insurance, Post-production and Broadcaster deliverables as per license agreements, Tax credits, etc.
COWS productions have been broadcast on ACCESS TV, NFB, Global TV, BRAVO!, TELUS and CBC.

Classical Arts film festival, Napa Valley

2 x Winner: Best Canadian Film, Canada International Film Festival, Vancouver

Winner 2012 Edmonton International Film Festival Best Animation

Winner of 2010 AMPIA for Best Digital Programme

Winner International Harm Reduction Film Festival Award 2004

Winner Houston International Film Festival Silver

Social Justice

Social Justice has long been at the core of stories told by COWS. Shining the spotlight on injustice is only part of the mandate – we strive to leave viewers with a call to action or a focus on positive solutions.


Getting out Staying Safe

Through interviews with inmates, the video provides solid information, explodes myths and addresses some of the common fears of those about to leave the institution. It talks to former inmates about the biggest risk factors an exiting prisoner faces, and what resources might be available in any community to help overcome them.

In Development

Myth By Mobile

Myth By Mobile is a multi-platform, interactive digital storytelling concept that brings together the ancient worlds of myth and legend with the digital creativity of social media and the web. Aboriginal youth on two continents go into their communities to seek out their elders and learn their stories, then record the stories and animate them with simple shadow puppet animations. their stories are transformed into artfully rendered 2D and 3D animated vignettes and a Canadian film crew documents the experiences.


The Arts are the backbone of a strong society – without the Arts we have no meaning. COWS continues to turn the camera on artistic endeavors in the community, and in the world.


Taking Flight

Dance is universal and in Edmonton there are dancers who dance and stories to be told. Citie Ballet, a small community-based ballet company in Edmonton takes a giant risk and goes professional.While they continue with their outreach teaching and performances for schools, they now employ professional dancers and need to find new money and new audiences.This 40 minute documentary is a beautiful story about how art shapes our world, our community.


Amanda Rising

This one hour documentary profiles the story of Amanda Forsyth, Canada’s extraordinary musical talent. The film follows the career of this gifted cellist up to her arrival in Ottawa as principal chair of National Arts Centre Orchestra. The trials of a troubled childhood and struggles of a prodigy help define this brilliant musician.


The Bear

Using the mythical, mystical art of painter Maxine Noel, “The Bear” is an animated interpretation of a Mohawk myth set to a classical music composition. The myth of the Giant Bear tells the story of a huge bear that threatens a Mohawk village. The Bear is the third movement from Trickster Coyote, Lightning Elk, a composition for violin and orchestra by celebrated composer, Malcolm Forsyth, and performed by internationally acclaimed violinist, Tara-Louise Montour. Ms. Montour, herself of Mohawk descent, commissioned Trickster Coyote, Lightning Elk as a vehicle to explore aboriginal themes in the classical music form.


Conquering Beauty, the Life and Music of Malcolm Forsyth

This intimate and expansive documentary tells the story of one of Canada’s most important and defining Classical Music Composers. Malcolm Fosyth’s story begins in South Africa and migrates to Canada where he embarks on a musical journey that not only wins him awards and establishes his career, but also forges a clear style for the next generation of composers. Coming to CBC later this summer in an shortened version, look for the feature film in 2016.

Classical Arts Film Festival Laurel
Yorkton Laurel

In Production

Amanda and the Maestro (Pilot)

Following the adventures of two the world’s most famous classical musicians, Amanda and the Maestro is part art video, part documentary. The series follows violin virtuoso Pinchas Zukerman and his wife celebrity cellist Amanda Forsyth around the globe on their whirlwind tours. Riverview Films has exclusive access to the dazzling couple in all aspects of their lives, whether it’s in their home or back stage at concert halls, or in performance. If picked up by a network, it would be the first of eight episodes following the couple to some of the great music cities of the world.


COWS believes that strong communities make strong individuals, and we try to tell stories that highlight and empower the public. Within our small groups we are a microcosm of the greater world – diversity, tolerance and collaboration.


The Carollers

Each Christmas a group of merry revellers brave the elements to come together to first practice, and then carol for the families and friends who eagerly await their visits. The Carollers is a 15 minute Cinema Verité documentary that follows the group which numbers among them two former school teachers, four farmers and a priest, on their tour along country roads into quiet farmyards and celebrates their heritage.

Women's Stories

COWS is an unabashedly feminist company. We believe in the equality of all individuals and will always continue to tell the stories of women in our community whose work has left the world a better place.


Amanda Rising

This one hour documentary profiles the story of Amandayth, Canada’s extraordinary musical talent. The film follows the career of this gifted cellist up to her arrival in Ottawa as principal chair of National Arts Centre Orchestra. The trials of a troubled childhood and struggles of a prodigy help define this brilliant musician.


We are passionate environmentalists, trying to leave as small a footprint as possible on our planet, and trying to leave a better place in our wake. COWS believes strongly in sustainability in its true meaning – The ability to be upheld and confirmed.


Sustainable Me Season One

Sustainable Me is a six part series that explores what young people in Edmonton are doing to make their lives, their community and their world a better place to live. With an eye on environmentalism, we examine a whole new way of thinking about food, living spaces, consumerism, transportation, water and ethics.

Through the eyes of a young female host narrator we meet a number of young entrepreneurs, risk takers and educators who challenge us to explore preexisting ways of thinking and make our own organic changes to how we live. Our host takes us to see some examples of long-range thinking, sustainable practices, inclusiveness, accessibility, sharing, trading and working off the grid.

WGWC Official Selection

In Development

Sustainable Me Season Two

In season 2 The Water Stories, Sustainable Me takes viewers on a journey to explore humanity’s unique connection to water. We are, after all, 75% water, and that water is constantly being re-circulated.

In this season we actively pair young people who are passionate about the environment with water professionals who are working in their chosen fields of water. While learning about different aspects of water usage, preservation, conservation, and ecology, we also learn about how young people can make a profound impact on our relationship with water.

Meet the Team

Theresa Wynnyk

Theresa Wynnyk

As a filmmaker for over 20 years in Edmonton, Theresa Wynnyk has devoted herself to telling stories focusing on social justice issues, women’s stories, and the Arts. All her work seeks to inform and change attitudes, whether it is in the area of children’s rights such as in the Parenting after Separation series that is now mandatory viewing for divorcing parents, or addressing the complex issues of drug addictions in films like Pieces to the Puzzle or Getting Out, Staying Safe. And she moves easily in the rarified circles of the Classical Arts – working with people like Pinchas Zukerman to bring music education to far flung places in the world. As well as winning awards for her productions, she has juried several competitions.

Theresa Wynnyk

Jennifer Hart

Jennifer enjoys all aspects of film and photography. She has a passion for social justice issues and wants to have an impact with her content. She knows many different editing programs such as Davinci, Avid, and Adobe Creative Cloud. She also excels in organizational and time management tasks. Jennifer is working to establish herself as a multi-talented member of the industry by working on many different projects such as; Film, web series, documentaries, and corporate videos. Jennifer is excited to get to work and learn as much she can as she grows her talents.

Queenie Fung

Queenie Fung

Queenie recently graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)’s Digital Media and IT program, specializing in Rich Media Design and Development. Queenie enjoys many things nerdy like video games, comic books, and animation. She has a passion for everything colourful and pretty, though she does enjoy some things film noir. Queenie is versitile with HTML5/CSS3 and JQuery. Even though she knows her web coding languages, she also likes to design websites using Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla!. She is also proficient with Search Engine Optimization principles. Queenie is always ready for a challenge and she loves to learn new things.

What We Do

Full digital production

From concept to script through production and post production finishing, we offer high quality talent at every stage of the process. Our mission is to produce the best product for any budget.

Web design

Our skilled team of web design professionals ensures a simple and aesthetically pleasing online representation of you. Our team is proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and is fluent in web language such as HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and PHP/Sql.

Social media strategy, support and management

COWS offers support in creating an engaging social media strategy that targets key audiences across platforms, inviting them to interact with and follow projects as well as stay up to date with project developments. Social Media Strategy, support, and management

Online digital marketing and promotion strategies

We are up to date on the latest in online marketing and can help you get your project and product up front and seen by your target market. Whether it’s SEO or banner advertising, we understand the world of digital marketing you need.

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